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  1. Where the University derives any income from the commercialization or exploitation of IP, and unless otherwise agreed, such income, whether in the form of one lump sum or periodic payments, shall be distributed in accordance with Paragraph 7(ii).
  2. After deducting all costs and expenses in connection with the development, registration, protection, maintenance, marketing and management of the IPRs, including any other direct and indirect costs associated with the commercialisation or exploitation of the IPRs, the income shall be distributed as follows:         


Inventor/Creator - 80%  and  University - 20% for the first RM 250 000.00       


Inventor/Creator - 75%  and  University - 25% for the next RM 250 000.00


Inventor/Creator - 60%  and  University - 40% for the next RM 500 000.00

Inventor/Creator - 50%  and  University - 50% for more than RM 1 000 000.00


Provided always that where the inventor or creator is an Employee of the University, if he/she has resigned ‘without permission’ or is dismissed or his services are terminated, he shall not be entitled to any income which has not accrued at the date of the resignation (without permission), dismissal or termination, or any periodic payment due after the date of the resignation (without permission), dismissal or termination, unless the University in its absolute discretion decides otherwise.  


The above proviso does not apply to an Employee who has retired or resigned ‘with permission’ from the University, who shall continue to receive such income or periodic payment, as the case may, as may be due and payable to him.


Sources: Universiti Malaysia Perlis Intellectual Property Policy