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Business Coaching And Mentoring For Successful Commercialization (Modul 1)

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Program & Activities

 Business Coaching And Mentoring For Successful Commercialization (Modul 1)


17th – 18th March 2014


Bilik Seminar Kechor, Pusat Pengajian Taman Kechor,  UniMAP


100 participants (UniMAP student)


Mr. Lizam Karim – Advance Coaching Resources.

Mr. Leik Hong - Advance Coaching Resources.


1) Increase the student with the agility to respond quickly to change and have a good strategic to overcome all the challenges that occur in the business. The program also provides students with the critical skills that they can make the right moves to keep going.

2) To help students to make better decisions while facing toughest challenges in business.

3) To inspire students to learn challenging their assumptions. As well as giving them a platform to implement business goals with confidence.

4) To help students practice the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship also establish businesses to commercialize products from university.

5) Generate interest and motivation of the researchers in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

6) Build a relationship and the public-private partnership for the benefit not only each other but the whole environment and society.


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