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HYPO-G: A New Generation of Natural Rubber Latex Gloves, Condoms and Catheters Made From Hevea (Rubber Tree) Latex, Manihot Esculenta (Tapioca Tree) Latex and Arachis Hypogaea (Groundnut)


♦Novel ideas on producing natural rubber latex gloves from combination of Hevea (Rubber Tree) latex,

ManihotEsculenta (Tapioca Tree) Latex and ArachisHypogaea (Groundnut) (Novelty Search)

♦Partially replacement of Hevea (Rubber Tree) latex with novel ManihotEsculenta (Tapioca Tree) Latex.

♦Use of ArachisHypogaea (Groundnut) as a new emulsifier in HYPO-G.



1. Environmental friendly latex gloves.

2. Less protein allergy reaction latex gloves.

3. Better emulsifying effect caused by the groundnut.

4. Simple engineering skills needed to prepare the gloves.

5. Lower price than existing natural rubber latex gloves.

6. Provide new income opportunities for Malaysia and further support economic sustainability in both

    agriculture sector and latex manufacturing.



 ♦All types of household and medical application gloves - disposable glove, surgical glove, examination glove.

 ♦Other latex products such as condom, catheter, tube, etc.

♦Future development – conversion to dry rubber. 



 Successfully develop new source of natural latex from agro-waste. The existing methods were adapted to collect the tapioca latex, i.e traditionally or modern methods (blender and flow extraction). How different is this technology compared with the existing technologies Uniqeness:

 1)Method of collecting raw latex.

 2)Latex compounding ingredient.



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